Another Powerful Review for the Book Underdog About the California Prison Hunger Strike by Glenn Langohr

Underdog by Glenn Langohr is a Prison Memoir that shines a light on the current California Prisoner Developed Hunger Strike over Solitary Confinement. Purchase Underdog in Print, Kindle or Audio Book here~ Consider sending it to a prisoner to inspire hope. ImageImage


It follows a prison riot over an out of control drug debt between the White inmates and the Mexican inmates and shows how the Prison Officials guess at who started the riot. Those inmates are sent to Solitary Confinement without a court system to overlook the process on a system that never lets you out to see the sun again. 
Here’s the review: UNDERDOG is the real Deal!, August 9, 2013
Juan Soria – See all my reviews
This review is from: UNDERDOG, A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life: Prison Killers 4 (Volume 4) (Paperback)
As I move towards middle age, I have become more and more perplexed with the world that I live in.

A world that from the start of my youth began as a crystal clear vision of harmony, peace and love that was shown to me from the folks that I grew up with – the friends and family who showed me a much simpler and easier way of life but in truth, represented a shield of sorts that sheltered me from the realties of what it meant to grow up poor & from humble beginnings that for the most part, confused me because I grew up thinking in terms of black and white all the while not realizing that a multitude of grey existence lay waiting for thousands and thousands of young men and women that would soon face the reality I now come to understand as the American Prison System.

“UNDERDOG, A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life: Prison Killers 4”, written by Glen Thomas Langohr presents a visceral description of that world and what it takes to survive. This book is far from fiction but rather a direct personal experience of the Author who spend over ten years in the State of California Prison System.

Without giving away too much detail, what I can say about the book is that it hits you right in the gut as you read for example about the politics, the gang wars and most horrific of all, solitary life in a Super Max Prison where inmates can literally spend DECADES in solitary confinement, most often at the hands of corrupt Correctional Officers who are motivated by the prison’s financial gain as the prisons that are being built require more and more bodies to fill them.

The author also speaks on the Hunger Strikes that are now taking place across the prisons in California in protest of the horrible conditions that the inmates face in addition to having no limit as to how much time an inmate can serve in solitary confinement of which in my view is inhuman, barbaric and straight out evil.

America is most often referred to as a Civilized country but yet our prisons reflect a different reality of which decency and respect is absent and in its place is indifference, human slavery and the supported and sanctioned racism of which prisoners are then divided up by race . . and region.

Though I am fully aware of the Author’s established faith of which through his higher power, he has managed to completely turn his life around, I can’t help but feel that as long as *MONEY* is involved which drives the passing of laws designed to incarcerate, the building of new prisons regardless of type (Federal, State and Private) in addition to the failed war on drugs which continues to lock good people up by the thousands, we will continue to see the rise of the Private Prison Industry of which already, outfits like Corrections Corporation of America (currently trading at $34/share), are lobbying at the halls of Congress more than they ever have before. This all ties in of course to the militarization of the police and the emerging police state that will soon turn this country into one gigantic prison.

Will we see sanity and true prison reform take place in this country? I’m highly doubtful but until that day comes, we must look to Good Men like Glen Langohr who are not afraid to stand up and be counted as the true prophets & seers of our times.

I highly recommend this book.

Here’s an excerpt from one of Glenn Langohr’s other books, The Art of War,

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Author Interview With Glenn Langohr About The California Prison Hunger Strike and Overcrowded Conditions

The Interview Questions Came From Flurries of Words (FLOW) and blogged on 

  •  1) As most of your readers already know, you’ve spent some time in prison but have now turned your life around. Can you tell us what happened to land you there and how your change/rehabilitation came about?
  • Image
  • Two good parents raised me, but they divorced when I was 12 years old. Being a momma’s boy, I was broken hearted when I didn’t go with her. I called my dad out for ruining everything and that didn’t work out well for me. I ran away. I got into selling drugs. The law interrupted me, many times. I spent 10 years in some of California’s worst prisons with 4 years in solitary confinement for riots and investigations. The prison system didn’t rehabilitate me, writing did. California has 35 state prisons and they are violent and gang riddled. While “doing time” it is all about surviving. I started waking up at 4 am to write before surviving another possible riot took over my being. Eventually, I built up enough momentum writing books to know in my heart that I had a new life.



    2) You are obviously quite (rightly) dedicated to highlighting the plight of prisoners in the US correctional system (as well as the abuses therein). Your personal experiences aside, anyone who has had dealings with it can understand why this is such an important cause to you but most people don’t have any such experience. How would you respond to critics who would argue that prisoners get what they deserve (“do the crime, do the time” types)?

    First I would say that some crimes are worse than others. I think we are too easy on Child Molesters and Rapist. But, are we the “Leaders of the Free World”? No, we are the leaders of the incarcerated world. In California alone we have 35 state prisons that are bursting at the seams, with more people behind bars than any other country other than China! Why? Because we are locking humans in prison who are addicted to drugs, or who are below the poverty level, and therefore undesirable. That could be your kid, your mother, and your neighbor. In prison, that addiction is bred into an affliction much harder to escape, where gangs are the solution, spitting out tattooed down displaced humans without any job placement or anywhere to live. So really, most of the prisoners are not getting what they deserve, because we look at drug addiction like alcoholism these days, like a disease. They need treatment, not prison. I am working on adapting one of my books, “My Hardest Step” into a TV show about Addiction and Recovery. One of the girls who did a casting call has been to prison. It didn’t help. A drug treatment center did work. She has been sober for over 2 years and has her son back in her life.

    3) What do you see as the way forward in terms of prison reform? How does this come out in your books?

    Prison reform isn’t going to happen until there isn’t enough tax money to keep the current system going. I’m just being real. The Politicians and Media promote the need for prisons to keep the rest of us safe. To get elected, you have to be “tough on crime”. To stay elected, you have to be “tough on crime”. This starts with the D.A. In one of my “High Profile” drug cases, the head D.A. at the time had aspirations to become the Attorney General for the U.S. and for that to even be a possibility, he couldn’t look weak on crime, so he made sure he had a 99% conviction record. Ten years later, his son is doing time for heroin addiction. My books take you inside of prison survival between the gangs and politics and what life looks like “Inside”. If real prison reform were to happen, it would have to be extreme. How about work programs instead of prison? How about prisoners actually learning how to get a job while in prison with computer training, resume training, job placement, housing placement and a real chance upon release? How about only sending people to prison for violent crimes and giving the rest programs for treatment and self-help?

    4) It is also clear that you are a man of faith. What role has that faith played in your work? How does it come out in your characters? How is it part of your ideas for reforming the prison system?

    Thank you for bringing this up. I read the Bible in prison every day and found hope that God restores the hopeless. My characters are divided into two groups, those who are trying to find their conscience, and those who aren’t, with a good cop verses bad cop theme as well. In my books, my main character chases redemption by knowing he has to help other lost souls find hope and a new life away from prison and the drug war, yet just surviving takes almost all of his attention.

    5) How have you been able to partner your efforts with research and/or faith-based organizations to spread the word on your mission?

    Not that well. The church I attend is amazing because of a few things. The worship band it out of this world. Our teaching Pastor is amazing also. He loves my books. But they and most churches don’t want to face their own issues, drug addiction in their family and their community. My writing has progressed from 10-Drug War and Prison books that are in Print, Kindle and Audio Book, to 4 Prayer Books, to my most recent self help books. “My Hardest Step” is based on the Twelve Step Programs. My best selling Prison Book is Underdog found here~ Here’s a 2 minute Youtube video of me speaking about it~

    6) Most, if not all, of your books are based on real-life events. How much did you write while you were still in prison? How do you deal with the possibility of getting sued by people who may recognize themselves, particularly the more well-known you and your work become?

    I wrote my first book, Roll Call, in prison for 7 years on the back of my trial transcript paperwork. Once out of prison I turned down a couple of big publishers to self publish. I got a review from Kirkus Discoveries Nielson Media out of New York that blew my mind, “A harrowing, down-and-dirty depiction–sometimes reminiscent of Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic–of America’s war on drugs, by former dealer and California artist Langohr. Locked up for a decade on drugs charges and immersed in both philosophical tomes and modern pulp thrillers…” As for being sued for writing such raw and penetrating content, I use this quote in TV interviews: “I paint with the true colors of life on a fictional landscape to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.” My newest Prison book, “The Art of War: A Memoir of Life in Prison, is the most controversial yet. While I was finishing up my sentence at a hard-core prison on the California border of Mexico, there was so much violence, you just wouldn’t believe half of it. Being a White inmate where over 80% of the population is Mexican or Black, it wasn’t easy. We had a prison guard who gave us information about other inmates, one of which was a notorious “Child Molester”. You’ll have to read the book to see what happened. It is on sale for .99 for Kindle here~

    7) What one thing you would like for our readers to know about you? Your work? Jesus is my landlord. I got that quote from a homeless woman who told it to the police who were harassing her for living in her car. They stopped dead in their tracks and let her go. I used that quote in one of my books. God bless you.

    I gift out Kindle copies of my books for review/interview and respond to emails and Facebook here~ Here’s a six-minute TV Interview I did about my books and prison life. 

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Glenn Langohr’s Interview on PBS “The Real Orange”, Where He Spoke About His Drug War and Prison Books

Glenn Langohr’s Interview On PBS “The Real Orange”, where he spoke about his Drug War and Prison Books and the Reality TV show about addiction and recovery he is working on! Tap this link for my Prison Books~ He shines a light on Prison Overcrowding, the Hunger Strike, the lack of Rehabilitation and then points to a better way. To check out “My Hardest Step” in Print, being adapted for TV go here~

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“Prisons Breed Recidivism” 06/15 by Coffee Talk With Soy | Blog Talk Radio

CaughtintheCrossFire“Prisons Breed Recidivism” 06/15 by Coffee Talk With Soy | Blog Talk Radio.

I got to speak about how I found the answer to the Drug War and Overcrowded Prisons by writing books from the inside. Now I’m a best seller and am working on a reality TV show that shows the solution in action. Here’s a list of my Audio Books I narrated myself to listen to a FREE sample/purchase~

prison stories box 3 fix


PrisonClownsAffection-art-by-PBSP-prisoner-web207732_101555863188340_8325296_nInmates stand in a gymnasium where they are housed due to overcrowding at the California Institution for Men state prison in Chino

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Prison Author Glenn Langohr’s Radio Interview with Women Behind the Wall 05/28 by 4justicenow | Blog Talk Radio

Women Behind the Wall 05/28 by 4justicenow | Blog Talk RadioIt was great to be on the radio with Gloria Goodwin-killian about Prison conditions. If anyone has time to listen and or leave a comment to show the advocates who run the show to help prisoners that they are being heard, I appreciate it!

prison stories box 3 fixCaughtintheCrossFireBestGlennCrouchCaughtintheCrossFireRollCallbookcoverAffection-art-by-PBSP-prisoner-webprisongym2BestGlennCrouch

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Glenn Langohr’s Blockbuster Prison Book Got a Great Review from a Prison Guard

UNDERDOG, A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life is on sale for .99 for Kindle, 8.99 in print or 6.97 in audio book here~

A fascinating look into a different world., May 28, 2013
This review is from: UNDERDOG, A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life (Prison Killers- Book 4) (Kindle Edition)

Glenn Langohr answer’s a question I’ve long had about inmates. Namely whether they feel any connection to their friends that are still in prison once they step through the gates into freedom. After years of watching out for one another and moving through a world of violence and terror long time friends can be torn apart by parole, sentence expiration, or simply moves to other prisons. In the system I work for former inmates are not allowed to return as visitors for any person other than immediate family members. Thus it may mean that they will never see one another again. Langohr illustrates that the bonds of solidarity remain strong through years of separation.

The end of the book examines Pelican Bay and the situation surrounding many controversies at the facility. It raises a question of whether California needs the prison. I will state without hesitation that the state of California needs a super max facility. However merely being a member of a security threat group (prison gang) should not be reason to send a person to the facility for the rest of their sentence. The notion that an inmate can be validated as a gang member by those currently at the facility and seeking to cut a deal to move to a special needs yard is simply asinine. And the abuse that has been widely reported at Pelican Bay is, if true, inexcusable. Corrections professionals should be well aware that being in prison is the punishment that offenders receive. It is never the job of an officer to punish an inmate. Force should only be used as a last resort in order to keep the facility secure, preserve life, or prevent escape. Hogtying inmates and assaulting them should land the officers responsible in prison themselves… in general population so that those they mistreated would have access to settle old scores. The author and I disagree about some things, such as the prosecution of crimes committed by inmates (I believe that far too few assaults bring about further charges.) and whether the person’s convicted of drug crimes belong in prison but we agree that no human should be treated the way that inmates at Pelican Bay are reportedly treated.


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Glenn Langohr’s Prison Book, Underdog, is the Book of the Day on Ereader News Today

Book Of The Day – Underdog by Glenn Langohr Image

Today’s Book of the Day is a highly rated Thriller/Memoir by bestselling author, Glenn Langohr – and it’s 67% off! UNDERDOG has a great 4.4 star rating and ison sale for only 99 cents – save $2!

“I defy anyone to read this and come away unchanged. I highly recommend this powerful book to anyone with both a brain and a heart. It is well-written and makes great use of metaphor.” Mark A. – Amazon Reviewer

by Glenn Langohr
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Genre: Thriller/Memoir
Price: $0.99 save $2

Visit Glenn Langohr’s website
Glenn Langohr on Facebook
Glenn Langohr on Twitter

Another one of Glenn Langohr’s stunning memoirs–a brave, unflinching account of life in prison~ Prison Killers Book 4

The California Prison System houses a mixture of Mexican cartel members, Mexican mafia, Bloods, Crips, and thousands of other street gangs fighting for control and the author turns this story into a pulp thriller of true crime.

The author of Underdog, Glenn Langohr, takes you on a journey back into prison as he remembers a prison riot days before his release date where he left his friend on the way to Pelican Bay.

The story follows the author years later as he visits his friend in Pelican Bay during a prisoner developed hunger strike against sadistic and cruel guards who get off on their isolation and enjoy adding violence to their torture.

A spotlight on the flaws at how Pelican Bay determines gang validation and solitary confinement.

“With lazer-like precision Glenn Langohr lays bare the festering under-belly of our criminal justice system in a driving, graphic narrative that somehow finds the humanity in this most inhuman setting.” Phillip Doran, T.V. Producer and Author

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

In his latest novel, “Underdog,” Glenn Langohr takes B.J. back into the dreaded Supermax at Pelican Bay, California’s toughest prison. At first he’s just fighting to survive, hopelessly outnumbered by Mexican and black gang members, but then he goes back to try and help his friend, still inside, ferociously battling to change the penal system. And ex-con Langohr can describe the hell of life inside better than any other writer. His vivid passages on just surviving in prison describe a nightmare we’d rather not know about.


After having spent 22 years as a criminal defense attorney, I heard stories like this all day and all night from the majority of my clients. Rarely in my life, have I gotten a perspective as true and accurate and emotionally charged as was derived from my reading this book. The author, with no formal education nor journalistic training, has somehow managed to convey the facts, Circumstances and raw emotion into palpable words that hit home with the reader. I highly recommend this book!


I’m amazed by all I have learned from someone else’s life. I can’t get enough of these books, seriously! I will be re reading them all again soon I can guarantee that!


This book is very well written, fast paced and emotional. My applause to the author for humanizing the prisoners and bringing attention the snakes in the grass that run our prison system. I will be getting all his books very soon! Thanks for a fabulous read sir and God Bless you always.


`Underdog’ was well written and very informative. It also held your attention very well because it was very intriguing and written brilliantly. Glenn knows what he’s talking about from first-hand experience and it shows in his writing. There is a certain flair in the writing of a book if the writer truly experiences it. I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read more from Glenn Langohr and see what other stories he has to tell!

Get Underdog here: UNDERDOG

About The Author

Glenn Langohr has a purpose: he writes to shine a light inside our prison systems and to help others turn their lives around. Before becoming a best selling author, Glenn Langohr ran away from a broken home and entered the drug war with abandon. Business with the Mexican Mafia and Hell’s Angels became a way of life until the Criminal Justice system interrupted him. In prison he was involved in riots and spent years in the hole. From solitary confinement he started writing and hasn’t stopped since. Now, he is an usher at his church, speaks as a guest Lecturer at colleges and writes articles for newspapers. “I want to show the world and the students and leaders of tomorrow, that we are only building bigger criminals by locking up low level offenders. In prison, an addiction is bred into an affliction much harder to escape.” Help him show the world redemption is possible, buy and share his books.

The author will gift his books FREE from the Kindle store to those who can’t afford it. Glenn Langohr

Ask Glenn a question

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Glenn Langohr and ENT appreciate it.


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