Glenn Langohr’s Prison Memoir Got Another Great Review From a Criminal Justice Professor at U.C. Irvine

Professor Keramet Reiter, an Associate Professor in Criminal Justice at U.C. Irvine came across Glenn Langohr’s books about prison and asked for an interview. Glenn Langohr agreed on one condition, that she have her students read and review it.


Glenn Langohr found out that Professor Reiter focused on the prison side of the Criminal Justice system and asked her to read his book Underdog, A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life, the fourth book in the series. Glenn Langohr has written eight books about the drug war and prison life after serving time in prison for drug charges. He started writing from a cell in solitary after a prison riot and now speaks to students and civic groups about his writing and history.


In Underdog, A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life, Glenn Langohr points out the flaws in the gang validation process that keeps inmates house in solitary confinement indefinitely. He takes his own experience in riots and the issues that cause them and takes the reader on a journey through the process.

B.J and Damon are two White inmates who get involved in a gang war in a California maximum security prison. The prison administration realizes B.J’s sentence is up and they falsely blame Damon for organizing the inmates and use his gangland tattoos to send him to the Super Max at Pelican Bay.


“This is a page-turner of a read about life inside the California prison system, told from the perspective of an experienced and thoughtful former prisoner, who describes remaining unaffiliated with the various prison gangs, but collaborating and mediating among them to maintain peace on the prison yards.This first-hand account of the California prison system is not only interesting, but provides a useful counterpoint (and compliment) to more academic accounts of prison life.” U.C. Irvine Professor Reiter

Glenn Langohr’s books can be found on Amazon and other retail outlets in print, eBook and audio book.

Copies for review and interviews upon request.


About Lockdown Publishing:
Glenn Langohr has a purpose: he writes to shine a light inside our prison systems and to help others turn their lives around. He draws on personal experience. Glenn Langohr ran away from a broken home and entered the drug war with abandon. Business with the Mexican Mafia and Hell’s Angels became a way of life until the Criminal Justice system interrupted him. In prison he was involved in riots and spent years in the hole. From solitary confinement he started writing and hasn’t stopped since. Now, he is an usher at his church, speaks as a guest Lecturer at colleges and writes articles for newspapers. “I want to show the world and the students and leaders of tomorrow, that we are only building bigger criminals by locking up low level offenders. In prison, an addiction is bred into an affliction much harder to escape.” Help him show the world redemption is possible, buy and share his books.

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Glenn Langohr resides in southern California where he spends his time doing what he loves best, reading and writing. He started writing from prison on drug charges and hasn't stopped since. Glenn only writes about GOD'S Word by measuring Scripture with Scripture. He is a Disciple of Jesus/Evangelist/Prophecy Watchman/Author of over 77 books~LOVE IS AN ACTION The author will gift his books FREE from the Kindle store to those who can't afford it... Glenn Langohr
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