Former Prisoner In Solitary Glenn Langohr, Speaks to 100 Students At U.C. Irvine About His Books and Prison Time

Glenn Langohr met Professor Keramet Reiter after she gave one of his books, Pelican Bay Riot, a five star review on Amazon. After being interviewed by the professor, Glenn Langohr was offered a chance to speak to her students as a guest Lecturer. The students were required to read Glenn Langohr’s book Underdog as part of their study on solitary confinement in U.S. prisons. Glenn made the students laugh when he said, “Maybe the professor will give you extra credit if you leave me a review on Amazon.” To check out all of Glenn Langohr’s drug war and prison thrillers on Amazon in print, kindle and audio book go here-

Here’s a review for Underdog from JT Kalnay an attorney Glenn Langohr’s latest novella, Underdog, once again takes the reader inside the lives and minds of prisoners. Visceral violence mixes together with insightful introspection as convicts battle each other, guards, and despair. Langohr has been to the hole, and has been to the brink. He freely admits that both trips were of his own making. His familiarity with the violence and despair is captured eloquently in lines like: “scenes flashed by of men dressed in prison garb being pulled by the unseen force of willpower, punching, grunting, kicking, yelling, and stabbing at each other to their own destruction”

This book does not glamorize prison life but rather accurately reports on the cruel reality, which may shock and frighten many readers. The author skillfully makes the point that the general public has more awareness for and more compassion for caged dogs than for prisoners. He also reaches through the bars and describes how the guards are organized into gangs and other criminal enterprises.

Having previously read Roll Call, Upon My release, I was already familiar with Mr. Langohr’s work. In Underdog, we see that he has continued to work on his craft without sacrificing any of the rawness or edginess in his writing. There is a story to be told about the prisons in this country, and Mr. Langohr can tell it. If you’re going to read this short work, which I highly recommend, be prepared to do some soul searching…”

To reach Glenn Langohr email him at Copies of his books for review and interviews upon request.

If you don’t have time to read and want one of Glenn Langohr’s books in audio to listen to like a movie, go here for a free sample and purchase-

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Glenn Langohr resides in southern California where he spends his time doing what he loves best, reading and writing. He started writing from prison on drug charges and hasn't stopped since. Glenn only writes about GOD'S Word by measuring Scripture with Scripture. He is a Disciple of Jesus/Evangelist/Prophecy Watchman/Author of over 77 books~LOVE IS AN ACTION The author will gift his books FREE from the Kindle store to those who can't afford it... Glenn Langohr
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